According to the World Health Organization, among the 7.5 billion people in the world, the number of smokers has exceeded 1 billion. Every year, the number of deaths caused by smoking is even more than the one caused by the two world wars. How to change this situation? How to help smokers who cannot quit smoking to get rid of the pain and risk? Technology should be a necessary option. Improving the lives of adult smokers in the world is the mission of YOUME GROUP.

About us

We hope to continue to innovate on the road to exploring a smoke-free world, gather more scientific and technological power to achieve our goal in the future and improve the health of smokers.

company management

Encourage the team with innovative courage, use the spirit of entrepreneurship to motivate the team, and create more breakthroughs in a diverse workspace.

employee introduction

Our employees come from all over the world and each has a different talent. Because of the unanimity of dreams and beliefs, we gather here and do our best to create the greatest value for the smoke-free era.

Investor Relations

We found resonance on the road to exploring a smoke-free world.
Many people are going with us. We believe that this bright dream can open up a new situation and create more surprises.