According to the World Health Organization, the number of people dying from smoking worldwide is as high as 6 million a year, and the number of deaths among second-hand smoke has reached 600,000 astonishingly. In the current situation where it is impossible to change the smoking habits of all smokers, we use the tar reducing and purifying function of Youme2 to minimize the harm of traditional cigarettes to life.

315°low-temperature baking
and tar reducing technology

Constant temperature control and surround heating technology.
Traditional cigarette temperature is constant at 315°.
Hazardous substances such as heavy metal elements and tar of cigarettes do not volatilize.

Double protection mechanism

The heating compartment is separated from the battery.
The battery is fundamentally isolated from the heat source.
Built-in temperature circuit breaker.
When the battery temperature rises to 70°, the power is automatically turned off.

Laboratory level purification system

Food-grade high-temperature-resistant materials.
Built-in double high-efficiency purification layer, extra-long U-shaped air passage.
It can directly purify harmful substances and water.

Intelligent temperature control system

It heats intelligently according to the temperature of the product.
Prevent the product’s temperature from being too high and produce more harmful substances
resulted from continuous heating.