Technology and Innovation

In the 21st century, the number of premature deaths from smoking is expected to reach 1 billion. Smokers' health is threatened. This is not only a problem that enterprises need to face but also a challenging public health task. How to develop healthier alternative products for smokers who are not ready or unable to quit smoking?

Future Breathing Laboratory

We integrate advanced research results and technical resources in the tobacco industry and continue to explore alternative solutions to traditional tobacco.

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Traditional Cigarette Purification Technology

The reason why smokers cannot quit smoking is not only physiologically dependence on nicotine but more importantly, they are deeply dependent on cigarettes mentally. How to reduce damage from traditional cigarettes?

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Exploration of The New Type of Tobacco

YOUME GROUP continues to invent new products that in line with the current lifestyle to replace traditional cigarettes. We study on nicotine salt formulations, new atomization technologies, and the application of new materials to produce innovative products.

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Sustainable Development

As a company focus on the new type of tobacco, we have a special responsibility for social sustainability. Thus, we are committed to continuously improving the sustainability of our business and contributing to global sustainable development.

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