Future Breathing Laboratory

The history of human smoking has been more than three thousand years, and it is not easy to change the inertia of the smoking habit. However, nicotine without the harmful fumes of cigarettes could be an optimal choice for more than 300 million smokers worldwide. YOUME GROUP has established the “Future Breathing Laboratory”, which has been used for three years to explore and experiment in the field of traditional tobacco and new types of tobacco.

Research Topic

The Future Breathing Laboratory focuses on heat-not-burn technology and pod systems with e-juice.

Frontier Scientist Team

Since 2016, we have invested several hundred million in R&D and employed more than 100
domestic first-class scientists, engineers, and technicians in our team.

Extensive Research Power

More than 10 university research teams have collaborated with the Future Breathing Laboratory. Collaborating projects include studies on cardiopulmonary health checkups and rehabilitation, and smoking addiction intervention mechanisms, etc.