About us

YOUME GROUP is an innovative group with the mission of improving the health of consumers and an explorer of the new era of tobacco. We believe that the power of technology and bold innovation not only can change the smoking habit but also can reduce the harm from traditional cigarettes. YOUME GROUP has launched a multi-brand strategy and built a complete product system. We have Suorin, YouMe, Idols, and other brands. Our product line includes traditional cigarette purification equipment and intelligent electronic cigarettes.We start a business by making electronic cigarettes compatible with e-juice. Since then, we have dedicated to exploring alternative plans.Suorin creates alternatives to let smokers get nicotine more healthily and cleanly. They not only innovatively meet the demand for individualization of e-juice, but also solves the common leakage problem of vapes. Products from Suorin are very popular in Europe, North America, Latin America, and other regions.

our value

“Humanistic care,Technology in good faith” Respecting mankind, respecting life, caring for the health, seeking more beauty for humanity, we take humanistic care as the root and use science and technology in good faith. We make a shifting that focuses on cigarette purification equipment to meet more social challenges. Besides, We care about the influence on society and limit the effect on the environment. The ambition of the YOUME GROUP is to develop more good alternatives for smokers who are unwilling to quit smoking or are unable to quit smoking. We are passionate about developing new types of tobacco products and focus on creating an era without traditional cigarettes, rather than just pursue profits. In the 20th century, about 100 million people died of smoking. In the 21st century, this number will be reached 1 billion, which means that 1 billion people's lives are threatened. We don't want to educate consumers about what to do, but we can provide them with more healthy alternatives. And this is our mission and the meaning of existence.

Our Willing

Through depth communication with users from around the world, YOUME GROUP's exploration indirection for e-cigarettes becomes more and more clear. We hope those cleaner smoking methods can replace the traditional smoking ones, and become phenomenal consumption trends.
With the industry-leading research and development strength and the accumulation of users around the world, YOUME GROUP have begun to Implement a strategy that Heat-not-burn products represented by YOUME2 are for those who can not quit traditional cigarettes; while e-cigarettes represented by Idols are for the new generation of consumers who like vaping.
The good news is that the grand willing of YOUME GROUP is being recognized by more and more people. The sales volume of our product has become one of the top three in the North American market in these years. At the same time, more and more industry organizations, research institutes, and university laboratories have joined us and worked together for a better future.

development history