Traditional tobacco purification technology

Innovative technology is the biggest driving force for the development of the industry and product upgrades, and it is also one of the core competitiveness of the YOUME GROUP.
YOUME GROUP focuses on the development of the new tobacco industry, understands the needs of consumers for product innovation, and has 100+ related patented technologies.
YOUME GROUP will continue to increase investment in product research and development, strengthen technical advantage, and lead the industry development trend.

To break through the dangerous predicament of traditional cigarettes

When cigarettes are burning, nicotine and thousands of other harmful substances are released simultaneously and inhaled into the body. Heat-not-burn technology effectively reduces the release of harmful substances by lowering the temperature of the burning cigarette.

High-efficiency cleaning chamber technology

The cleaning chamber contains an air channel, purification structures, and filtering materials that can remove harmful substances from the smoke, and provide relatively pure nicotine.