Sustainable products and services

From design to the end of product life, sustainability is a rule that considered at every stage of the YOUME product and service.

Recycle design

The core of our Recycle design approach is taking sustainability into account at all stages of the product lifecycle, from initial concept design to final recycling. We use energy-efficient, environmentally friendly materials to take into account energy efficiency and maximize reusability, maintainability, and recyclability of our products. Our goal is to achieve zero waste, and towards this goal, we are making great strides.

Material use

Environmental responsibility is not just about making environmentally friendly products or developing environmental protection programs, but about integrating sustainability into what we do. This includes both how we choose the materials used in the product and packaging, and how to reuse them after they are no longer needed. Through the recycling of electronic cigarette products, YOUME GROUP is at the forefront of the world in the use of resources in an environmentally friendly way.