With the development of the global smoke control and ban campaign and the health awareness of smokers, the market capacity of smoking cessation and tobacco control products such as e-cigarettes has experienced explosive growth. The new tobacco industry is full of opportunities and challenges.

New tobacco is a young industry. There are full of unknowns and challenges ahead. I hope that our employees can actively participate in the history of the “tobacco revolution” and bring physical and mental well-being to the majority of smokers.

Chairman of YOUME Group, Chen Chaoxian
What makes us different?

Employees are our greatest energy at all times. YOUME is eager to work with the best staff. We support and retain every talent regardless of their age, gender or religious beliefs. When you have a deep understanding of YOUME, you will find that YOUME's open and inclusive culture is the key to our business success. We create an award-winning, fulfilling and fun work environment for our employees, providing opportunities for thoughtful and forward-thinking employees.

What kind of talent are we looking for?

Take the initiative to make an impact. Keep trying, learning, and taking responsibility. Have a vision and willing to achieve it. Have the courage and a belief to bring change to the company. Are you such a candidate? If so, we want you!

Recruitment process We follow a rigorous recruitment process and treat every candidate fairly. When you meet the requirements, we will get in touch with you in time.
  • 01Interview

    You will be invited to participate in interviews with HR and direct supervisors who will pay close attention to your abilities. You have ample opportunities to ask questions to get to know us better. Depending on the complexity of the work, we will conduct more interviews and evaluations as well.

  • 02Offer

    If you are the best candidate for the job, you will get an offer that includes salary, benefits and other employment conditions.

  • 03Carry out the work

    From the first day of joining YOUME, you will get the necessary support and guidance to ensure that you will get used to the job as quickly as possible. A three-month trial period will help you become a valuable member of our team.

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