Since 2018, the number of financing in the domestic e-cigarette market has soared, and IDG source capital, Zhenge Fund, Yingnuo Angel and other top investment institutions have started invested e-cigarette companies. With the promising development prospects and technological innovation, YOUME GROUP is popular among capital companies in China for its strong scientific and technological strength. Its future valuation is very impressive since the future of the domestic e-cigarette market is very promising. In 2019, YOUME GROUP received an angel round of financing of 107 million yuan.

Investor Relations

"For the domestic e-cigarette market, these capital companies are very optimistic: "The market size of tobacco is too big. I believe that if we can occupy a small part of this market share, that will be enough for a company to grow and develop. And this is why so many capital companies are interested in such enterprises."

Early Domestic Venture Capital Investor

"Now many teams which used to make mobile phones or work in the medium companies are doing e-cigarettes business. I tend to choose a team that has a background of e-cigarette OEM because such a team is familiar with the supply chain and the design end; thus it can quickly upgrade products and solve the problem of juice leakage. Moreover, some foundries already have relatively good channels and experience of selling products overseas."

A well-known domestic investor

"E-cigarette project is the most popular hardware venture project in China recently"

Wu Shichun, founding partner of Meihua Angel

So I think it (Youme2) is a very good innovative product. It brings benefits to many people, therefore, I am very willing to recommend it to my friends.

Mr. Yang Shoubin, founding partner of Fenghou Capital, founder of Chunguangli Capital, President of the Chinese Angel Federation