E-cigarette Meeting in Whitehouse(1)

2019-08-28 18:59:04

On November 23, US President Trump convened the first meeting of e-cigarettes in the White House. This was an important meeting after he refused to sign the flavored e-cigarette ban on November 4.

On November 11, Trump announced on Twitter that he would meet with e-cigarettes, medical and state representatives, and held a seminar on the current e-cigarette dilemma. Health issues for young people and employment issues in the industry are the focus.

On November 22, local time in the United States, this e-cigarette discussion was finally successfully held in the White House.

Who attended the White House e-cigarette conference

According to CNN, there were representatives from several parties participating in the meeting. Needless to say, the White House has convened Trump as host.

1. Representatives of tobacco and e-cigarette companies: Juul sent new CEO KC Crosthwaite. Altria CEO Howard Willard and Renault USA President and Chief Commercial Officer Joe Franito attended the event. 

2. Representatives of Electronic Cigarette Industry Association: Gregory Conley, Chairman of the American Electronic Cigarette Association, Tony Abboud, Executive Director of the Trade Group of the American Steam Technology Association, and Scott Eley, Chairman of the American Electronic Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association.

3. Representatives of public health leaders: Matt Myers, chairman of the Smoke-Free Children's Movement, Sally Goza, elected president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Harold Wimmer, president of the American Lung Association, and parent organizations that oppose e-cigarettes.

4. Conservative tax reforms also sent representatives to the meeting. 

What the representatives of the parties said at the meeting

At the White House e-cigarette conference, the feeling of e-cigarettes was a bit of a feast. After more than an hour of discussion, whether e-cigarettes escaped from the birth day, we can first look at some of the views expressed by various parties. 

It used to be the representatives of many parties who fought on Twitter and in the media. Now, sitting in the White House conference room centered on Trump, the atmosphere is a little weird.

One side insists that e-cigarettes can quit smoking, and the other side talks nonsense. What about the evidence?

One side insisted that the e-cigarette ban would cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs, while the other said it was nothing compared to teenage nicotine addiction. For example, a full-time e-cigarette clerk may add up to 100 adolescent nicotine, which means that unemployment is deserved.

It can be described as the encounter of enemies, especially jealous.

Poor president's neck, it's not easy to listen to the right and twist the left, and twist the left to the right.

Trump kept his arms crossed and watched closely as representatives of the medical and industry circles argued on the table about the idea of a ban on flavored e-cigarette products.

CNN bluntly stated that this is a fierce battle.

Let's take a look at the wonderful views of the parties.

1. Utah Republican Senator Romney: White House meeting most conflicting

Romney's status is not ordinary, sitting in the first position on Trump's right. But some of his views and the scene erupted several times.

Romney said most adults do not use flavored e-cigarettes. But this was immediately dismissed by representatives of the e-cigarette industry, and presented data on the purchase of flavored e-cigarettes by adults.

Romney has had multiple clashes with e-cigarette advocates. He said half of Utah's high school students are smoking. He said the e-cigarette company sells a product called unicorn poop to attract children.

Romney said the number of nicotine children addicted to e-cigarettes should far exceed any number of unemployed.

Romney said he doesn't care if he loses 100,000 e-cigarette jobs because full-time employees at each e-cigarette shop could cause 100 children to be obsessed with nicotine.

His final conclusion was: I put the child first. The implication is that unemployment is nothing, youth's health is the most important.

However, Romney paid tribute to Juul's voluntary initiative to stop selling flavoring products.

Romney is the biggest conflict maker at this meeting, sitting next to him is Trump aide Kellyanne Conway.

The e-cigarette media Vaping360's report was quite funny, reporting that when every proponent of e-cigarettes expressed related views, they would smirk.

2. Juul's new CEO KC Crosthwaite: challenged by Trump

Trump put pressure on representatives of the e-cigarette industry at the meeting, and in particular asked KC Crosthwaite, CEO of market-leading e-cigarette company Juul.

Juul, a brand that is struggling to survive this wave of bans, has recently stopped selling flavoring products, including mint, and federal survey data show they are popular among teens.

KC Crosthwaite said Juul believes this is a serious problem and the company must act quickly.

But this initiative was taken down by Trump and questioned.

Trump asked, so you think flavored e-cigarettes are inherently dangerous, so you are off the shelf?

Sure enough, this questioning is very good. Juul almost smashed his feet and obviously showed his initiative to see how I cooperate with the government's work, but now it has become the president's question.

How did Juul's CEO answer?

Crosthwaite said that when we saw data on teens using e-cigarettes, we felt that what we as industry leaders need to do is take down responsibly because young people can already use these flavors.

He also added that flavoring products also played an important role in helping adult smokers to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, which could help adult smokers switch to less harmful alternatives.

KC's answer is also very wonderful, avoiding asking the president if he thinks it is dangerous, and also told the president that flavoring products can help adults quit smoking.

Juul currently has a 64% market share in the United States and has been blamed as the culprit for rising teen smoking rates.

KC Crosthwaite added that Juul will follow the Food and Drug Administration's policies.

In other words, I have been very active in cooperating with the government, and will submit an application for review in accordance with the FDA's PMTA policy before selling the product in the United States.

However, it is ridiculous that someone in the e-cigarette team actually played a copy of the game at the meeting, deviating from the theme of the ban.

Juul's competitors said at the meeting that Juul's voluntary withdrawal of seasoning products from the market is a long-term act that disrupts competition and increases market dominance.

The media did not report who the internal e-cigarette company was.

Theoretically, shouldn't the gun muzzle be unanimous now? Classmates in the e-cigarette industry should abandon prejudices and work together to fight the e-cigarette ban. What plane do you have?

The allegations seem to interest Trump, referring to the early 20th century oil tycoon John Rockefeller, who established a monopoly at Standard Oil.

However, Conley, the president of the American Electronic Cigarette Association, also made up for it.

When KC Crosthwaite said that Juul was happy to follow the existing PMTA process, Conley said that Juul was indeed happy to do so because they had enough money waiting to eliminate small companies that were unable to pay for PMTA and snatch 90% of the market.

3. NJOY CEO Ryan Nivakoff and Renault US Chief Commercial Officer Joe Fragnito: Highly praised by social networks

NJOY CEO said that teen smoking is not necessarily a problem caused by flavoring e-cigarettes. Joe Fragnito, Renault's chief commercial officer, also said that taste is not the source of the problem.

He also told Trump that they believe they can sell seasoning products responsibly.

When this video defending flavored e-cigarette products spread on social networks, CEORyan Nivakoff of

NJOY won high praise from users who watched the video on social media.

Joseph Fragnito of Renault USA revealed that Renault has submitted PMTA for flavoring Vuse products to the FDA.

He said, Mr. President, we believe we can responsibly market flavored products.

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