YouMe landing on NASDAQ in New York, leading new trend in healthy smoking

2019-08-28 19:03:37

On March 15, 2019, YouMe made a strong landing in Times Square, New York, and appeared on the NASDAQ screen in New York as an industry leader.

Times Square in New York, USA is known as the "Crossroads of the World", with an average passenger flow of 40 million people and 100 million people. The NASDAQ giant screen in Times Square, New York, USA is the focus screen of "Global Focus" and "World Attention", which is called "the world's first screen". NASDAQ has witnessed the dreams of countless companies, and international companies from all over the world, such as Apple, Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook, etc., have all appeared on this screen. This time, the brand YouMe, which is owned by YOUME technology company, landed on the NASDAQ big screen, proving to the world its strength and influence in the industry.

YouMe has mastered the leading technology, and has been promoted with high standards from R & D to production. So far, it has nearly one hundred invention patents. After two years of development, YouMe successfully completed the iterative upgrade of the second-generation products, combining leading technology and humanized design to the best. The second-generation product uses a patented black tube heating technology, which can effectively filter out 80% of harmful substances in cigarettes, which greatly reduces the harm of smoking without affecting the taste of cigarettes. In addition, YouMe also created a smoking restriction mechanism. Based on the body's daily intake of nicotine, a battery reserve of "only eight cigarettes" was set. Its social concept of connecting You and Me is integrated into the fuselage design that can be shared, while the concept of decompression is more sophisticated. The damping joint used by the rotating cover uses the ball and the shaft. The card slot structure allows people to get sound and frustration feedback when rotating the lid, to achieve the effect of releasing pressure.

This launch on the NASDAQ giant screen in Times Square laid the foundation for the global strategic layout of the YouMe brand and further attracted the attention of global users. Since the establishment of the YouMe brand in March 2017, in the short period of more than 2 years, it has attracted the attention of the majority of smoking enthusiasts, and has been named the "cigarette companion". YouMe adheres to the brand concept of "Freedom and Health" and firmly uses the power of technology to allow more smokers to have a healthy and warm lifestyle.

With the strengthening of health consciousness, people's demands for smoking are also escalating, which not only puts forward higher requirements on the product quality and service content provided by enterprises, but also provides opportunities for further rapid development of major brands in the industry . In the future, YouMe will continue to lead the industry with its unique innovative technology and escort the health of smokers.

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